In honor of Valentine's Day, MediaPost reported on a small survey conducted by consulting firm CBX who asked consumers to think about brands as people they'd like to date or take home to mom or even break up with and why. It got me thinking.

We often ask our clients to describe their brands as a person, giving them human characteristics. They always pause, sometimes for quite a while, before responding. And what I have found is the longer the pause or limited the response, the less powerful the brand proposition is to stakeholders.  Yes, we all like to think we make rational decisions based on logic and facts. And we do. But emotion is always a part of the equation. When brands can connect to people on an emotional level, they stand a better chance of staying connected on a level not as easily broken. So, I asked our staff to think about the brands they'd like to drink, date, divorce, etc. A few of our answers are below. How would you respond.  Have a drink with:  Fiat (sexy, fun, flirty)Go to dinner with: TED (smart, interesting, great conversationalist)Take home to mom and dad:  Aveda (all natural, healthy)Have a fling with: Chevy Corvette (racy, wild)Flirt with: Thomas Pink (smart, stylish)Date: VISA (adventuresome, resourceful, fun-loving)Break up with: Tommy Bahama (Old, bloated, over inflated ego)Marry: Apple (creative, always evolving, inspiring)Divorce: Comcast (disappointing, unreliable, unfriendly)Have kids with: J&J (family minded, trustworthy)  Lisa Beatty http://www. mediapost. com/

Introductions are the hardest part.

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