What would you learn about your brand if you polled all your employees and asked them to state your company mission or community belief or business offering. Would you get a single, consistent message with a few semantic variables.

Or would you get numerous, distinctly different answers. Clear brand messages are more important today than ever. In this “speed to news” age where people are “talking” in 140 characters, text messages and Facebook postings, it is imperative that your brand’s messages are clear and concise. Consumers are inundated with messages, so only the tightest, clearest and most relevant messages will stand the test of time — and short-term memory. And think about it: if you ask your own people — folks committed to your company — to define your brand and the answers are all over the board, where do your other key stakeholders stand. It’s an easy exercise and a quick mirror into how people define you. Give it a try.

Introductions are the hardest part.

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