Watching the Grammys last week, I found myself marveling at how much "better" the ads were than the Super Bowl. From Chipotle's debut 2-minute spot with Willie Nelson to Target's many perfectly themed ads, even to to the McDonald's toupee ad, so many ads seemed perfectly timed and in tune with the content my daughter and I were watching.

 Then I was watching Celebrity Apprentice the other night and Ms. Brown M&M pops up to talk about what we are about to see in the Board Room. Brilliant. Someone was clearly planning ahead. Thinking about who was watching and what they were about to see. For years, our business has been about interruption and attention. Stop people. They'll notice. And then they'll buy. Not so much anymore. Now, people avoid interruptions. And they definitely notice when what you have to say has nothing to do with them or what they are doing. It irritates them. Like you don't really know them. BUT. . . when we meet consumers where they are with info that is relevant and interesting, and maybe even entertaining, they will do more than pay attention, they will engage.  Now, pass me some M&Ms.

Introductions are the hardest part.

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