If there’s anything I've learned about our VP/Digital Director, Shane Santiago, in the short time we've worked together it’s that he’s wired. For digital that is.

It’s just how he thinks.   Shane embraces everything digital; he lives it, breathes it and is always on the lookout for cutting edge technology.   Oh, and watches, the man is a watch FANATIC. But that’s a topic for another day. So it’s no surprise he was one of the first in line for Google’s Explorer’s Program to test Google Glass. Shane received a beta launch of the highly anticipated tech gadget in July and has been having a blast using it both personally and professionally ever since. On any given day he can be seen wearing Glass around the agency, filming meetings and taking pictures. He’s also tried it out with his family and had a great time capturing memories at Disney. Shane’s intrigued by the possibilities, which in turn makes me excited to see how we can use this new technology to the benefit of our clients. He recently spoke with the Jacksonville Business Journal about Google Glass and its capabilities. Read more here to see what Shane and St. John & Partners are doing to both explore and expand on the new technology.

Introductions are the hardest part.

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