Our work with Enterprise Florida launched in late January 2016 to positive response, highlighting the “Florida – The Future is Here” brand and its first campaign, “Boundless.”

At St. John & Partners, we are proud of the work we provide our clients. Our clients’ audiences see only the end product. However, the end product is the result of a lot of hands working behind the scenes to put together a strategic and identifiable creative brand, website, media placement and more.

“Florida – The Future is Here” is the result of such efforts. Our work with Enterprise Florida, the principal economic development organization for the state, to develop a new brand strategy and campaign that would encourage decision makers in business to think of Florida as the premier business destination, launched in late January 2016 to positive response. The presentation of the new look and palette, advertising, landing page and brand essence video came together to evoke such testimonial responses as one economic development executive director in the state to proclaim, “I moved to Florida 3 ½ years ago, but today, I became a Floridian.” That’s pretty powerful and the reason we do what we do for our clients.

But what was not seen by the audiences who received the message is what leads to a worldwide brand and campaign strategy. St. John & Partners’ own Lisa Gearhart and Peter Herbst were interviewed by WJCT-FM (Jacksonville) to share the process of developing the “Florida – The Future is Here” brand and its first campaign, “Boundless.” 

Listen to the interview here: http://news.wjct.org/post/business-brief-jacksonville-marketer-helps-move-enterprise-florida-future. 

Introductions are the hardest part.

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