In the final installment of our social campaign, #WeAre30, our fearless leader, Founder and CEO, Dan St. John reminisces on the growth of St. John & Partners, from the beginnings to where we are today in our 30th year. Be sure to check out all 30 of our memories, as told by staff members, on our Facebook page or via our #WeAre30 hashtag! 

As we wind down our 30th anniversary celebration, I continue to think about the many great memories that have given me pause, pleasure and wonder over the years.

My goal in 1984 was to build a company where smart, talented, passionate people could not only do great thinking and produce really great work, but implement the work that makes a difference in client businesses. I have always believed the best way to demonstrate our appreciation for our clients’ business was to put our hearts and souls into our work for them every day, deliver great results and be there for them whenever they need us to be. And, I thank every client along the way who has entrusted us to help move their business forward. We are truly blessed to still be making a difference for some great brands today.

I wanted to build a place that develops and appreciates relationships with our many vendor partners. We continue to appreciate their input and support today.

I wanted to build a place where we could give our time and talents to assist those who are less fortunate. Over the years we have touched many, many charitable organizations to help them get to a better place. Our Kindology efforts continue today.

But, of all the wonderful memories over the years, the absolute best have been and continue to be time spent with my fellow staff members. From internal meetings, to days and nights of filming, voice-over sessions, music sessions, edit sessions, prep for client meetings, prep for new business presentations and our famous parties. Nothing, absolutely nothing, tops time spent with my team members.

I believe that in order to deliver great work on the outside of our company, we first have to be great internally. And we are!

If you have had an opportunity to read the other We Are 30 posts, the common thread throughout has been about our culture and our people. I don’t believe a higher compliment can be given to a company. And, for that, I am very proud. 

As we begin our 31st year, we are poised for even greater heights thanks to our Leadership group and our staff as our wonderful journey of success continues.

The best is yet to come…

Dan St. John Chairman and CEO

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