Bedsider is a free birth control support network for women, operated by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy — a private, nonprofit organization. Bedsider aims to provide their audience informative, positive content that's also highly engaging.

In order to achieve their organization's goals, Bedsider tapped SJ&P to deliver on a content strategy with fun and engaging video executions for three major campaigns in early-mid 2016.

With Valentine's Day as one of Bedsider's biggest opportunities to grow its audience, SJ&P created “Make Some Love,” a video-based social campaign that gave the old, cliched holiday themes a “Bedsider twist,” empowering and inspiring women to take a hands-on sense of ownership of their Valentine's Day and — by extension — their reproductive health.

The videos feature jump cuts of origami-style crafting that end in a warm exchange between the crafter and the person she gifts. The online ad campaign spanned Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, enticing users to share the cheeky and playful content that has become a refreshing take on the traditional Valentine’s Day messaging.

Bedsider also partnered with SJ&P to create a series of fun, instructional videos centering on a tongue-in-cheek, "sexy" fitness theme, dubbed Fitness for Fooling Around.

SJ&P produced videos featuring various yoga poses, concise instructions and upbeat music for the Bedsider audience to learn and incorporate into their bedroom repertoire. The videos are promoted through multiple digital channels, including email, social network posts and a landing page on as part of their content offering called Frisky Fridays.

Most recently, Bedsider collaborated with SJ&P to create videos featuring women of various demographics reading interesting sex facts and capturing their hilarious, natural reactions and improvisations. The videos will promote Bedsider's new, free Birth Control Reminders mobile app, which can be customized to remind users to take their birth control.

Make Some Love

Fitness for Fooling Around

Birth Control Reminders

Impressive, right?

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