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redefine a shopping experience to appeal to individuality

As home buyer demographics have shifted to a majority Millennial and Gen Z, Rooms To Go has sought to expand their already broad appeal to include these new furniture buyers. But for the generations who created the idea of “personal brands,” being able to create spaces that reflect their individuality is an important factor when considering where to shop. For Rooms To Go, the challenge is balancing their namesake value proposition – quality, stylish furniture affordably priced by the room – with these audiences’ desire to curate a space that is as unique as they are.

Ultimately, we selected Julianne Hough, an influencer with a genuine love of furniture and design, and the social presence to create authentic connections with these audiences. Julianne represents the “anything is possible” spirit that Millennials and Gen Z’ers bring to their pursuits and self-expression, including shopping to create spaces of their own.

$600 billion in purchasing power
51% of millennials share of new mortgages in 2020
60% of millennials use social media as a shopping tool for furniture
percentage of furniture bought online
47% Millennial
40% Gen X
36% Boomer

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