When you understand today’s traveller, you can find opportunities in something is simple as SEO to create an engaging experience that adds value to the consumer’s relationship with a brand.

Beginning as a digital platform to enhance Marriott’s general SEO, St. John & Partners created Tripographer as a robust, experiential destination for users to create and share their travel-related content while providing increased SEO functionality for Marriott properties.

Marriott presented a challenge to improve search engine optimization that didn’t include paid search. The initial idea was a simple widget that would create additional link-back opportunities. But, knowing that SEO is a long-term process that includes many elements, we decided to focus on the idea of user-generated content creation – because after all, content is a driving factor of SEO.

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The custom application, which we named Tripographer, allows users to upload their vacation photos, treat them with unique filters and create a Street View tour of their vacation complete with narration using Google Maps’ API. Tripographer adds to Marriott’s guests overall brand experience by allowing users to create memorable vacation experiences in social media, while giving a nod back to the Marriott brand – and dynamically and seamlessly linking back to Marriott properties based on the location of the user’s content.

The result is an engaging social platform that not only drives content sharing among users, but each piece of content dynamically links back to Marriott properties featured in user content.

Overall Results

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Within the first 60 days of launch, Tripographer had more than 500,000 unique visitors and more than 1,300 accounts created.

It was also named to the Favorite Website Awards’ Public Shortlist, and was recognized for two Bronze 2013 Telly Awards for its homepage promotional video.

The site also won one Gold 2013 W3 Award, five Silver 2013 W3 Awards and a 2014 Pixel Awards People’s Champ in the Travel (Mobile) category.

Impressive, right?

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