Zaxby’s was a social brand before “social” was a marketing term. Our first focus groups in 2003 revealed a level of passion that was rare in the category. With just over 100 stores scattered across the Southeast, Zaxby’s loyal fans boasted about planning and timing their business and leisure travel just to pass through a community with a Zaxby’s at lunchtime or for dinner. Each had a history with Zaxby’s tied to favorite foods, college memories or times with friends and family. With fans like that, you don’t create a brand story, you create

a platform that allows those fans to share and experience what they already know. And so was born Zaxby’s “Indescribably Good” campaign. A way to tap into intense passion and loyalty that perhaps defies reason but is real nonetheless. We filmed hundreds of people, capturing their love of Zaxby’s and their passion for food, friends, sports, music and more. By letting people spontaneously share, we spoke to the relevance of the brand in a more relevant way than any scripted communications could have.

Over time, the campaign evolved to include celebrities to give new customers a sense of familiarity as Zaxby’s grew into new states and to nearly 700 restaurants.

We have also evolved platforms, incorporating digital, social, public relations and promotions to help fans connect and share.

  • Fan contest
  • Occs
  • Cifc
  • From creating the Zaxby's Fanatic Contest (social media)...

  • becoming the Official Chicken of Sports Fanz (ongoing college sports sponsorship)...

  • the Check-In For Chicken app (loyalty program).

Everything we do is about inciting fans’ passion for what they love, most notably the items they crave most at Zaxby’s.

Fueling that passion has helped us deliver same-store comp sales growth in 52 of the past 58 quarters.

Impressive, right?

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