We inherited a mature brand in a mature category facing three consecutive years of declining sales. After a business review, we recommended interjecting a sense of interest and excitement into the brand by treating individual Scratch-Off games as unique brands.

Where could we draw inspiration for selling low-involvement products with marginally different features? We looked no further than home shopping television and created LSC...

The Lottery Shopping Channel

LSC provided an entertaining and cost-effective platform for selling individual Scratch-Off games as brand events – allowing our hosts to feature promotional details such as theme, prize payouts, odds and second-chance opportunities with a sense of energy and excitement.

The mix of real product information and shopping channel parody was a hit. The LSC hosts, Kevin and Susan, delighted viewers and became de facto Lottery spokespeople supporting web content, PR activity and promotional events.

Lsc ball

Beyond providing a consistent messaging platform, the LSC concept allowed the Lottery to realize substantial production savings (one set, one cast, several spots in a shoot) enabling an increased media spend and justifying the investment in games with a short life span.


In addition to TV, the campaign featured online advertising and brand tie-ins and a range of out-of-home and in-store media.

Tv price is rightTv monopolyTv sherlock holmesTv bass pro shops

LSC successfully reinvented Scratch-Off as a fun and unintimidating point of entry into lottery play, proved the business case for advertising Scratch-Off games and began the Florida Lottery’s run of historic sales increases.

  • Crt

    From 2010 to 2013, Florida Lottery Scratch-Off sales increased $953 million (45.9%) and grew from 53% to 61% of total Lottery sales

  • Lcd

    The Florida Lottery accounted for 37% of all incremental U.S. Scratch-Off sales in 2013

  • Rabbit

    The Florida Lottery set all-time sales records in 2012, 2013 and 2014, topping $5 billion for the first time ever and breaking numerous daily and weekly records, some dating back 25 years

Impressive, right?

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