The American Health Care Association (AHCA) engaged SJ&P to create a Public Education Communications Campaign to change deeply rooted negative perceptions of the skilled nursing profession and establish AHCA as the quality leaders in the health care continuum.

We discovered that beyond deeply rooted category fears (quality of care) and feelings of guilt (shirking responsibilities), people had real concerns about discussing care needs in general. They knew they needed to have a conversation with a loved one, but they weren’t sure where or how to start, much less how to find a solution that everyone could feel good about.

The result was Care Conversations – an invitation and resource to help start conversations with, among and between people about expectations when people could no longer care for themselves or someone else.

The comprehensive campaign included TV, online, radio and print and used real caregivers and skilled care professionals to tell stories about the conversations they had, the solutions they selected and their suggestions to others facing a similar situation. All media encouraged people to visit, an informative and interactive website that provides resources, answers and opportunities to continue the conversation.

In nationwide tests, Care Conversations improved perceptions 4%, tripled traffic to industry resource websites and increased visits to facilities by 30%.

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