With the completion of Daytona Rising, the $400 million reimagination of Daytona International Speedway, we designed an all-new DaytonaInternationalSpeedway.com and mobile app to reflect the sensibilities of the new stadium experience and create new opportunities for customers to engage with the track like never before.

The site design uses bold imagery to complement the grandeur of the race-day experience, while content sections help capture some of the constant stream of activity at the track – reinforcing the dynamism that is the speedway, hosting a wide range of motorsport events throughout the year.

To strike a balance between content and experience with conversion – because after all, the site has to sell tickets – we created user experiences that reinforce each event as its own experience with easy-to-follow navigation and clear calls to action.

Because Daytona hosts a wide range of fans – from first-timers to families, NASCAR fans to sport bikes – we created user experiences that allow users to quickly find the content relevant to them and even build their own race-day experience.

The site is fully responsive, not only in design, but in content organization based on user devices, giving consumers at the track on their mobile devices quick access to event-day schedules and phone numbers for guest services and ticketing.

The mobile app was redesigned to be the ultimate event-day companion. Way finding and scheduling allow users to navigate the all-new Daytona International Speedway with ease.

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