In October 2015, St. John & Partners was hired by Enterprise Florida, the state’s public-private partnership for statewide economic development, to lead a rebranding of Florida’s business brand and reposition the state as top-tier place for business relocation and expansion.

Florida is one of the most popular destinations in the world, attracting more than 100 million visitors in 2015 alone, and was also ranked as the #1 state where most people would want to live. But when it comes to moving or expanding businesses in Florida, most people think it’s a state of all play and not work.

To contradict this notion, we highlighted the state’s assets and let business leaders and decision makers know it should also be their #1 state for business relocation. Having one of the best pro-business climates in the U.S., a highly educated workforce, and an economy already fueled by fields ranging from aerospace to renewable energy, we let the audience know that their potential was as “Boundless” as the assets Florida has to offer.

The brand, which captures the boundless spirit of Florida, uses the tag “The Future is Here” to reinforce the forward thinking that takes place there every day and adds immediacy.

The video captures the spirit of the brand positioning, “Florida. The future is here,” by tapping into the entrepreneurial mindset – the desire to explore, create and achieve. Utilizing captivating visuals, stirring music and inspirational narration, we were able to present Florida as an environment with boundless opportunities, and a place where anything that can be imagined can be realized.

Forging a brand that needs to appear at the vanguard of business and innovation called for a bold new look that would match its purpose. Simple, fresh headlines featuring a custom-made font let us cut to the quick with a future-facing tone and manner.

The destination for the brand campaign’s multichannel communications is the microsite, The top-level content, impressive Florida facts, and the impactful video give CEOs and site consultants a reason to put Florida on top of the list.


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