The "Starting is Believing" campaign has succeeded because, for the first time in college savings marketing, the emphasis has been placed upon the ability of the parents instead of the possibilities of the child.

Our campaign launched with TV that not only demonstrated parents’ love for their children, but also their strength by being there for them at every step. We then reminded parents that we would also be there when they needed a helping hand navigating the sometimes-complicated process of saving for college.

Print served as a constant reminder that if parents could just find a way to start, we’d find a way to help them finish.

All media drove prospects to the enrollment site, where we designed a landing page that mimicked a child’s game to help alleviate parents’ fears that the process would be too complicated and filled with too many questions that would go unanswered. An easy-to-navigate interface continually offered tips and tools to maximize completion and minimize drop-off.

Banners continuously reminded parents of open enrollment dates, while social continued to break down the barriers that often keep new customers from following through by constantly educating them.


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