As part of a fully integrated campaign, empowers consumers to learn about the benefits of recycling and take action to “give trash a new life.” The site features highly interactive engagement tools, including a recycling search tool that lets users find recycling centers and resources based on their location, and an animated infographic dubbed “The Recycling Journey” that outlines the path of a material to its brand-new form. Created by SJ&P, the site is responsive to tablets and mobile devices, built using bleeding edge web platforms through HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. In 2011, the average American produced 4.4 pounds of trash per day, and the country as a whole produced more than 250 million tons of trash that year. Only about 35 percent of this trash was recycled, according to the EPA. As part of an effort to help educate the public on recycling, this landmark campaign was also featured in The New York Times (print and online). The creative was also recognized for two 2013 Silver W3 Awards, as well as the 2014 Pixel Award in the Green category and People’s Champ Award in the same category.

WebsiteIwanttoberecycled desktop home
WebsiteIwanttoberecycled desktop explorer
WebsiteIwanttoberecycled desktop locator
MobileIwanttoberecycled mobile explorer
MobileIwanttoberecycled mobile reasons
TabletIwanttoberecycled tablet game
TabletIwanttoberecycled tablet journey

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