For children with nut allergies or dietary restrictions, snacking can mean life or death, making the ability to find nutrition and allergen information quickly and easily a priority. But snack time still remains a fun, sharing time for most kids, which creates the need for fun, inclusive snacks like Skeeter Nut Free snacks.

As SJ&P reimagined Skeeter’s website presence, our challenge was to make it easy for parents, caretakers and schools to find information about their cookies and allergen practices while creating a website that promotes fun, inclusive engagement with kids.

Applying an intuitive information hierarchy and a childlike, imaginative world with Skeeter the squirrel, we were able to tell the Skeeter Nut Free brand story of nut-free, wholesome and delicious products that are safe for families and classrooms with all the nutritional and allergen information to help parents and caretakers of children with allergies. The user experience is interactive and engaging, and uses subtle animation to add dimension to Skeeter's world, whether viewed on desktop, tablet or mobile.

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